‘Live The Life You Dream Of...’

The ‘Live The Life You Dream Of…’ programme was born out of the need to assist people in knowing what their goal or dream is in life.

Everyone has a dream which is waiting to be fulfilled, but the routine of busy lives stops a lot of people pursuing their dreams. Sooner or later without cultivation the dream is forgotten or hidden in the depths of the subconsciousness.

I want to help you bring your long forgotten dream alive again and into your daily conscious so it can be fulfilled.

The first step on the ‘Live The Life You Dream Of…’ programme is fully becoming aware, understanding and creating the dream you have. We do this by meditation techniques, life satisfaction forms and looking at your daily life. Ayurveda techniques are added to your everyday routine in order for you to lead a more harmonious life. Ayurveda is the ancient Indian healing science embodying the mind, body and soul. Solutions for all ailments can be found under this science and most answers are in living life naturally according to the elements, seasons and your own unique constitution. Please see my Articles page for numerous articles on Ayurveda.

Once a dream or goal has been created, then comes the fun part of attaining it. We will set goals together in steps to achieve parts of the bigger dream. There will be deadlines and a full commitment by you. A huge part of accomplishing your dream is visualisation and positive affirmations. I will help put together your own database of affirmations by which you can build up your resolve.

The final step is of course the achievement of your dream!

Throughout the ‘Live The Life You Dream Of…’ programme I will be on hand by e-mail or telephone for additional guidance and clarification.

The programme is done on a weekly or monthly unlimited basis, with as many sessions as you need in the time frame you choose.

Monthly unlimited 'live the life you dream of...' programme £150

Weekly unlimited 'live the life you dream of...' programme £60

If the prospect of achieving your long lost dream seems exciting to you please contact me on 01273 302350 or via the Contact page.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.  

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