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My name is Bindi Shah and I’d like to introduce you to my unique ‘Live The Life You Dream Of...’ coaching programme. I have combined the strengths of life coaching, Ayurveda and meditation to help you get the life you have always dreamt of!

In this life coaching programme we will use the ancient techniques of Ayurveda and meditation to recognise what your true dreams and desires are. Is your dream to be a film star? Or do you want to achieve a world record? Or do you just want to have more freedom and be happy? The possibilities are endless. No dream is too big or too small. It is all within your power and grasp to reach any dream. You just need to know how.

The ‘Live The Life You Dream Of...’ programme places an emphasis on becoming aware of your inner self in order to realise your dream.

I have practiced Ayurveda, which in Sanskrit means ‘the knowledge of life’; for a number of years. It is an ancient Indian healing art and encompasses the mind, body and soul in all its treatments. In my programme, Ayurveda is used as the main principle for living a harmonious and balanced life, which empowers you to reach your dreams.

The ancient art of meditation is the practice of calming the mind in order to gain a greater sense of awareness. Meditation is the vehicle in my coaching programme to become aware of the hidden and deepest dreams that you have. Once your dreams are known, visualisation techniques are used to keep those dreams at the forefront of your mind in order to attain them.

Working together, we will formulate an action plan to realise your dreams using goal setting techniques of life coaching, creating life balance via Ayurveda, and picturing your dreams every second of every day with meditation. You will have a spectacular journey!

I hope I have inspired you to make the first step towards your unique journey. So, what are you waiting for?

Live the life you dream of…

Bindi Shah

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