discover your soul’s purpose



Sweet Soul,

Are you in transition confused as to which way to turn?

Are you unsure about your next path?

Are you in total overwhelm?


Let me bring some clarity and peace into your life. 

Come and join me in writing letters to your soul.


Through these letters YOU can:

Connect deeply with your soul

Realise your soul’s purpose

Gain some peace & clarity around your life

Allow yourself to transform

Be more kind & loving to yourself

connect to your soul by grounding

connect to your soul by grounding


The  letters to my soul  journey consists of detailed twice-monthly e-mail prompts:


1. How to connect with your soul

2. An oracle or tarot card reading for the month

3. Inspiration from nature to write your letters to your soul


your soul awaits

your soul awaits


In between the monthly prompts there will be an amazing Facebook group where you can support, be encouraged and share your letters if you so wish.


The  letters to my soul  journey is a year long magical one. We will see the year change in seasons, in planets and in our discovery of our soul’s purpose.

We start on 12th August, a special day for my soul and the rest of August will be about what connecting to the soul means for you and what difference this will make.


inspiration for your letters is everywhere

inspiration for your letters is everywhere


Our first  letters to my soul  writing prompt and exercise will be in September.

Your letters during the year will bring so much depth, clarity and ease into your life. I am so looking forward to sharing this journey with you and seeing what the year brings for us all.


When you sign up below, you will receive the ‘letters to my soul’ e-mails and also my newsletter. I do not like e-mail overwhelm either and allow you to unsubscribe at any time if you need to.


With much love,

Bindi x

soul writing in Bologna, Italy

soul writing in Bologna, Italy


About Bindi:

Bindi is a life coach and meditation facilitator with experience in writing and living from the soul. She developed a Soul Healing meditation during her own health challenges and from this created the online Heal Thyself Program. Her soul’s purpose is to allow people to be more gentle to themselves and to understand that all experiences are messages from the soul and there are always reasons even if we do not see them in the moment. Understandably this is not always easy and she believes that the existence of support and encouragement around this can make it doable.